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IchiruMortem Brand Ichiru

QUOTE: "After my parents passed, Hakkou made it her business to keep me from being sad."

There was once a cruel landowner who dominated a tiny rural island in Japan. The villagers rose up against the cruel landowner, and rallied to the dark tower overlooking the village. There, the landowner and his men were defeated by the men of the village. Many lives were lost. Now freed, the villagers live and work beneath the shadow of the massive tower - a constant reminder of the price of their freedom. Ichiru is the son of one of those brave men who won the town's freedom. Ichiru (which means "ray of light") is a farmer who helps cultivate the town's main source of food: rice. Some days, the town's small militia gathers to practice their sword techniques - vowing to be prepared should they ever need to rise against a common foe. Any time Ichiru was not farming or practicing his swordplay, he spent with Hakkou. Ichiru's father and Hakkou's father were friends, and fought alongside each other in the great rebellion. After Ichiru's parents died, Hakkou's father took the young man in. Friends since they were children, Ichiru and Hakkou have begun to grow closer to one another. Engaged to be married, the happy couple looked forward to spending the rest of their lives as man and wife.

Though Ichiru's training with a sword is rather rudimentary, he handles a blade quite well. A 'natural' some would say. After losing both parents to a common sickness, Ichiru finds himself practicing with his sword more and more often. He thinks of his father and the courage showed by those who overtook the tower all those years ago.

After Hakkou was kidnapped by the demon Epsilon, Ichiru grabbed his sword and headed out to her rescue. After the events surrounding her rescue, Ichiru picked up the Sword of Death and himself became the Mortem Brand. It is now his charge to hunt down evil spirits who trespass in our world, and send them back to the dark dimensions from which they came.


Real Name: Ichiru

Occupation: Guardian, Spirit Slayer

Classification: Human

Mortem Brand The Passing,
Ethereal Sensitivity,
Mortem Brand Moonlight,
Ichiru's Poem



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