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QUOTE: "Oh Slade, it's just what I've always wanted. Helping people. Saving people that can't protect themselves. To work toward peace for everyone, everywhere."

Wealthy daughter of the Goldwaters, Madison has lead the life of a rich girl. However, she is no spoiled brat. Ever since she was just a little girl, Madison has had a heart even bigger than her trust fund. As she grew to be a young woman, she donated generously to various non-profit groups, as well as giving much of her time and fund raising events and charity banquets. Classy and innocent, Madison Goldwater is adored and respected. It was no surprise when she was attracted to the opposite qualities of Slade Dagan, and equally wealthy heir. The two fell in love, and are now engaged.

Harmony first discovered her power when she was still just a little girl. Spending time in the massive garden behind her family's expansive garden, little Madison would fasten necklaces and crowns from the flowers she'd pick. One day while making such a necklace, little Madison began to sing to herself... and found that she had floated nearly a foot and a half above the grass! Madison kept this a secret, but she continue to practice alone until she had mastered this strange ability. Madison's powers are based on sound waves. Theoretically, she could use her voice powers while speaking, not just singing, but she finds it much easier to focus her abilities while sustaining note with musical pitch. Her powers are not just limited to flight - she can also send powerful waves of sound and create solid waves to act as a shield.

Currently, Madison joins with her fiancé Slade to be the powerful duo of "Pride and Harmony." It is a source of great satisfaction to Madison to be able to help people in such a larger way now that she's an actual super hero. And to be able to do so with her beloved fiancé at her side... what more could a girl want?


Real Name: Madison Goldwater

Occupation: Heiress to Goldwater Industries

Classification: Human, Gifted

Pride's Fall



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