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QUOTE: "It's nothing to worry about. Just a weapons deal.
We come in, break it up, then come home for some tea and dinner."

Heir to the Dagan Enterprises fortune, Slade Dagan's good luck doesn't end there. He met a beautiful and equally wealthy heiress in Madison Goldwater. The two not only share similar family history and wealth, but as it turns out they each have extraordinary powers. The two dated for sometime, and eventually became engaged. Putting their wedding plans aside for now, they have decided to dedicate their lives to becoming a powerful super team - protecting the weak and helping those in need. This is perfect for Slade, who loves to have the chance to drop the gauntlet and pound some heads!

Born with a genetic abnormality, Slade's body produces a hyper-effective form of adrenaline. This adrenaline not only gives Slade a boost of superhuman strength and resistance to pain -- the chemical has permeated cells throughout his body, providing a long-term effect even after the adrenaline is not being released.

Slade Dagan has been meeting secretly with someone named Gunn, a former super hero in his own day. Gunn is assembling a new team of super powered men and women to protect and serve the American people - a government funded team. Gunn believes Slade Dagan and his lovely fiancé just may have a place on this team.


Real Name: Slade Dagan

Part Owner of Dagan Enterprises

Classification: Human, Gifted

Pride's Fall



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