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 Mark of the Jinn Character Profiles

Dark SkinsMeiHydronesNivid BugLeafmasks

Mark of the Jinn: Lost (Story One)
Gojinn and Mei had such a happy life together. When Gojinn was seen dumping her dead body into the ocean, the village was shocked and outraged. Not knowing what to do next, Gojinn had no choice but to flee deep into the jungle. The village's best hunter and most ruthless fighter are both fast on his trail. To make matters worse, they are his best friend and sister! As he tries to escape, Gojinn stumbles into a village unknown by his people... but his won't be the last surprise he encounters.
Art by Curtis Rhodes (Chapters 1 & 7), Nelson Forero (Chapter 2), D.C. White (Chapter 3), Jay W. Davis (Chapter 4), David Jackson (Chapter 5), Jason Negen & Mike Jenkins (Chapter 6)



Mark of the Jinn: Hope (Story Two)
There is nothing left for Hanta. His village is in ruin, and his parents are no more. When Gojinn insists they set out to the open sea, Hanta has no reason to say no... even though everyone knows there's nothing beyond the horizon.

Art by D.C. White (Chapter 1), Nelson Forero (Chapter 2), Curtis Rhodes (Chapters 3 & 5), Jay W. Davis (Chapter 4)


Mark of the Jinn (Story Three)
Among the tree tops, Ningai stands at the edge of the village of the elves. Everything created by elfen hands is beautiful: silken garments and banners, wooden railings and jewelry. The elves themselves are beautiful. Ningai and his friends have no reason to leave, but with the danger below, they have no choice.



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